GLMpack accompanies Generalized Linear Models: A Unified Approach (2nd edition) by Jeff Gill and Michelle Torres. It provides all example data sets and functions used in the book.


Eagledown provides an R Markdown dissertation template for American University graduate students, based on the American University LaTeX dissertation template. It fully conforms to American University’s formatting requirements and integrates data analysis and typesetting into one dynamic document.


BlockExperiments combines ordinal probit thresholds approach models with blocking tools. It enables users to estimate the true underlying latent continuous variable for ordinal variables for any specified data and model. It also provides functions that automatically attach the model output to the original data and block based on the user’s specifications.

Quantitative Methods

This is the 2018 Political Analysis in-house replication of Muchlinski, Siroky, He and Kocher (2016). This work, “Comparing …

This paper improves balance in survey experiments by providing a new method of using ordinal variables to block in survey experiments. …

Universities typically require graduate students to follow rigorous formatting standards when they submit their dissertations. To ease …

Political Science

This paper investigates whether moral arguments are part of what makes a political frame strong. First, I conduct a meta-analysis of …

While numerous studies have examined how emotions mediate different aspects of citizens’ political attitudes, …


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